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Hawk's Rayne Review
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Title:  Hawks’ Rayne 

Author:  Donica Covey

Published by:  Triskelion Publishing

ISBN:  1-932866-53-1

Genre:  Paranormal Romance


Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥


            Flint Kestrel has lived many lives.  Constantly keeping watch over his different tribes, hoping to one day find his true mate and have a son that will fulfill the prophecy of uniting the tribes.  When he sees Rayne he knows he has found his mate, now the only problem is convincing her that he isn’t an escaped mental patient, but is truly the shaman who has survived throughout the ages waiting to fulfill the prophecy.

            Rayne Amitola must be hallucinating.  Did her friends just say that if they couldn’t find a mortal man worthy of their wit and charm, then they would just have to find immortal ones?  And why does she keep seeing the same Hawk everywhere she goes?  If she didn’t know better she would think it was stalking her, but that would be ridiculous.  When she meets the handsome man who reminds her of the dream man she imagines to be the ancient shaman her grandma always told stories about, she is intrigued.  When he tells her he is the shaman and she is his true mate prophesized to give him a son, she is ready to call the nearest psychiatric hospital to see if they are missing a patient.  Can they find true love and get past all the other unimportant stuff?

            I give this story THREE hearts.  It was a funny, quick read that lightened my heart.  The characters were funny and witty and it was a joy to read.


Paula Beaty