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Descendants Of Darkness: Lucius

By Marianne Lacroix

Published by Amber Quill Press, LLC.

ISBN 1-59279-180-8

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance


The other vampires call Lucius a demon that ruthlessly preys on mortals, but it was despair at an endless existence without love that led him to this path. After trying to make the resistant Jolie his mate and failing he hears the call of a lonely wolf. Investigating he finds that the wolf is actually a werewolf and his mate. Finally he has found the one woman meant to be his mate, but his happiness is threatened.


A werewolf and vampire can not have the blood bond that will convert a werewolf to vampire because it will lead to insanity. Lucius decides to consult a voodoo priestess and hopes that love can find a way for them to be together throughout eternity.


Marianne Lacroix's stories in the Descendants of Darkness series get better and better. Lucius is the bad boy vampire who desperately needs the love and companionship of a woman. The decendants of Darkness: Lucius is an erotic adventure of love, hope, and happiness.




Murder Online

Published By:  Amber Quill Press, LLC

By  Beth Anderson

ISBN:  1-59279-169-7

Genre:  Suspense


            Claire Jensen is a widow left to raise two girls ages 19 and 20.  After losing her husband a little over a year ago she has had a hard time putting her life back on track, but has finally reached the point of being back in control of her life.  So when she gets the call that her youngest daughter has been murdered, she feels as if life has just pulled the rug from underneath her once again.

            Detective Sergeant Martin Slade has been impatiently waiting for five more years to fly by so he can retire early from the police force.  He has seen too much in his many years with the force and homicide division to continue on much longer.  When the murder of a young, middle class girl crosses his desk he feels all the pressure of his job land on his shoulders. 

            A young girl is murdered.  The perpetrator left behind no traces of evidence for the police to follow, no leads whatsoever.  They are at a loss, especially Detective Sgt. Slade.  He finds himself drawn to the mother of the young girl, who seems to be strong and holding herself together quite well in the face of such tragedy.  The victims sister is proving to be a much harder read and her boyfriend appears to be a suspect.  This is an intriguing tale of suspense with many twists and turns.

            Beth Anderson is an amazing writer.  The suspense had me riveted to my seat from page one.  The twists, turns and many different suspects had me constantly saying to myself, He did it!  No, wait, he did it!  The ending surprised me.  It left me feeling vulnerable and much more aware of what can be done through the Internet these days.  I am sure to be cautious the next time I use any kind of chat rooms or give out my personal information.  Definitely a fast, exhilarating ride.


Silk Secrets Installments 1: The Silk Garters
By Angelique Armae w/a M.A DuBarry
Published by:Amber Quill Press
Genre:Short paranormal Erotica
Simone Driscoll of Driscoll's Auction House is unsure what to do when she finds a pair of pink garters that are to be auctioned. But when she learns that they came from the shop of Madame cambray Simone can't help but get excited.Taking them home she tries the garters on and finds herself transported on an erotic time-travel adventure.
The Silk Garters by M.A DuBarry and published by Amber Quill Press is the first installment in what I hope are many more erotic filled adventures. This short installment left me wanting more. In fact the only bad part about this story was that it ended all to soon. It was that good. 
A.J Edit


Flame and a Fireman
by C.S Chatterly
Published by Amber Quill Press
ISBN 1-59279-217-0
Lisa Portelli is tired of all the greedy rich guys she dates and has just about       given up on dating. When a surprise invitationmade by Pluto,ruler of the underworld,arrives. Lisa can't help but feel intrigued. She decides to meet Pluto and finds herself in a most enjoyable position. But who is Pluto really?
Pluto has seen Lisa from afar and knows shes wary of dating a certain type of men. When a friend convinces him to play the ruler of the underworld and seduce the beautiful Lisa. He realizes that a deception may be the only way of obtaining his hearts desire, but will Lisa forgive him for lying.
Lust and love develop between two people in Flame and a Fireman. Lisa and the mysterious Pluto are more alike than she thinks and fights falling in love every step of the way. Flame and Fireman lives up to its name because this book was hot