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SIN2:Danger in Discovery Review
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Title:  Strength in Numbers 2:  Danger in Discovery

Author:  Rachel Bo

Published by: Loose ID, LLC

ISBN:  1-59632-032-X

Genre:  Contemporary Erotica


Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



            David has a problem.  He’s in love…with 2 people.  Only problem bigger than that is that one is female and one is male.  Joy and Jason.  Two people he has loved since college have entered his life again.  They are a couple and want to have David join them in their relationship, but David’s upbringing demands that he not act on his feelings even though his body feels just right when they are together.  David was finally able to accept that his son was involved in a ménage relationship, but for himself it is simply out of the question.  He’s always looking around to make sure that no one sees him touching Jason.  Can their relationship ever work out with him willing to have it in the closet, but not out in public?  Will he let go of his fears to pursue the loves of his life?

            I haven’t read the first installment in this series, but it is on the top of my buy list.  Rachel Bo brings three people together in what can only be labeled one of the most torrid, sexy, sensational ménage a trios I have ever read.  The S-E-X exploded on the pages leaving my mouth and my heart pounding.  FIVE hearts all the way!


Paula Beaty