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Taken by the Storm
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Title:  Taken by the Storm 

Author:  Cyndi Friberg

Published by:  Loose ID, LLC

ISBN:  1-59632-021-4

Genre:  Sci-Fi Erotica


Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


            Tal Aune has been sent to Earth to hunt down Dez dar Joon.  But he wasn’t expecting to fall in lust with the woman he knows Dez is searching for.  He has to convince Charlotte he is there to help her and get her off the planet before Dez gets to her.  Then he has to figure out exactly why a shapeshifter from his planet, enemy or not, would want an Earthling woman.  What purpose would she serve, or better yet is she truly an Earthling or the daughter of one of his long ago Queens?  Charlotte has a lot to take in…not only the fact that there is such a thing as aliens, but that she is one of them and now is the rightful ruler of Ontariese.  But the rules state she can’t love and marry Tal.  Before she can help rewrite the rules she has to fight the evil Dez dar Joon. 

            I laughed and I cried.  Cyndi Friberg likes to keep you floating from emotion to emotion with her stories.  I think even outrage was in there somewhere when I heard the rules of Ontariese rulers and marriage.  Argh!  You can’t dictate who someone should love and marry!!!!  Anyone who loves Cyndi’s work will definitely add this one to their library and if you aren’t a fan…then you should be by the time you finish this one.  FIVE hearts.


Paula Beaty