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Intrigue Review
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The Curse of the Midnight Star Series

Book 2: Intrigue

Esther Mitchell

Published by Triskelion Publishing

ISBN: 1-935866-22-1

Genre: Suspense


Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Strange things happen at Scarlet Oak manner. Voices call out to you from nowhere and people see the ghosts of the dead. Remy Terreau has had nothing but trouble since he bought Scarlet Oak Manor: Missing girls, dead bodies turning up and now all his chefs keep quitting. He can’t open up Scarlet Oak Manor as a hotel until he has a chef and times running out. What’s a man to do? Why steal a chef from his friends’ restaurant, but nothing turns out like he planned when he meets Gillian Martin.


Gillian Martin reluctantly takes a job as the chef at Scarlet Oak Manor. It doesn’t seem like a bad job, maybe she can finally put her past behind her, but when ghosts start talking and intruders enter Scarlet Oak Gillian can’t run anymore. Gillian has to stand up and fight for the man she loves. Even if it means fighting off ghosts.


Intrigue the second book of the Midnight Star Series is a suspenseful and heart pounding as the first book. This novel lives up to its name and between the pages you will find danger as never before.


5 hearts