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Trail Boss Review
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Title:  Trail Boss 

Author:  Julia Templeton

Published by:  Triskelion Publishing

ISBN:  None listed

Genre:  Contemporary Romance


Rated:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


            Krista McGuillicutty had to pretty much beg, plead, and cry for her anal boss to give her a three week vacation so she could comfort and support her sister through her misery of finding her boyfriend in her bed with another woman.  But when her sister calls to cancel on her because she has decided to make up with the sleaze, Krista decides that it’s her sister’s loss.  After meeting the rugged cowboy Landon Rogers she is prepared to stay the full three weeks and enjoy every minute of his luscious body, I mean land.

Landon Rogers knows it’s dangerous to fall for this city slicker and he has strict rules about fraternizing with the clients, but he just can’t seem to keep his hands of the beautiful Krista.  But he’s lost one love of his life to big city living, then to a drug overdose.  He refuses to fall in love with someone who could never live in the country full time with him.  Can these two find a compromise that will work for both of them?

This was a sweet, funny love story.  I fell in love with Krista and Landon and found myself rooting for them to find a compromise that would work for both of them.  FOUR hearts!


Paula Beaty