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Immortal Desires Review
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Title:  Immortal Desires

Author:  Shannon Leigh

Published by: DLSIJ Press

ISBN:  1-928973-55-8

Genre:  Paranormal Romance


Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


            Adrien is tired of his immortal existence.  Since his friend and prodigy, Mikel, left him he has been lost and desolate.  When he comes upon a beautiful young woman who is being attacked by some very unsavory men, he helps rescue her.  He finds that she intrigues him and something about her draws him to her.  He has to taste her.  He drains her then kisses her never noticing that she has bit his lip and taken some of his blood, making her like him…a creature of the night.  He leaves her lying there in the alleyway only to return a few minutes later, knowing that there was something different about her from all his other victims.  But she has disappeared.  He spends the next eleven years dreaming about her, wondering if she lived, not knowing what happened to her that faithful night.

            Elizabeth was terrified, but also very attracted to her rescuer.  She knew him for what he was.  A vampire.  When he bit her she knew it was the end.  When she awakens to find herself locked in a dungeon of sorts, covered in blood she isn’t sure what is going on.  Mikel found her in the alleyway and took her to his place.  He has plans to use her against Adrein for revenge.  Adrien hurt Mikel more than he ever cared to admit and he was ready to exact his revenge.  Eleven years have passed and he knows that as much as he wants to get back at Adrien he will never let Elizabeth go, she’s his to do with as he pleases.  But Elizabeth has had enough of his beatings and rapes to last for all eternity.  When she escapes she finds herself on a wild ride and being hunted down by two vampires.  She hated them both, but had never stopped dreaming about the man who turned her into one of them so long ago.

            I absolutely love vampire movies and books.  This was well written story of revenge, hatred, love and lust.  Shannon Leigh brought the vampires to life and the feelings of lost love and the mindset of an abused woman even though she is immortal was extraordinary.  I found myself screaming on the last page like most men screen at the television screen when some football player has made a bad play.  My emotions were high and my adrenaline pumping.  Just the way I like my stories.  FIVE hearts.


Paula Beaty