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Victorious Star Review
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Title:  Interstellar Service and Discipline:  Victorious Star

Author:  Morgan Hawke

Published by:  Loose Id, LLC

ISBN:  1-59632-041-9

Genre:  Sci-Fi Erotica



Rated:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



            First Lt. Victoria Stark has a reputation for taking her ship over her captain.  She is also well known as the one Nav-pilot who will never “service” her captain.  But when she is kidnapped and put aboard Captain Aubrey Ravnos’s ship, she may have no other choice but to service him.  It may very well mean her life.  But why is she feeling all blushing and feminine around not only him but his second in command, Commander Seht, a skeldhi.  Captain Ravnos has told her that as long as she helps him with a mission and services both him and his second in command, she will be released back to her Imperial guard unharmed in a few days.  What choice does she have, life or death, there really isn’t much choice at all.  Especially when her libido gives her away every time she is around them.

            Captain Ravnos and Commander Seht are in love…with each other.  But they both crave the love of a woman as well.  When they see and smell the notorious Victorious Star’s reaction to them they can’t help but take her up on her unspoken offer to screw till they are all exhausted.  But will they be able to part with her as Ravnos has assured her or will fate have another hand in her future?

            FIVE hearts!  Morgan Hawke has outdone herself yet again.  Her characters are so real, and lively.  The sex is hotter than hot and the storyline blows you away.  Never have been a real Sci-Fi buff, I could definitely see myself becoming one as long as all the writing is this excellent.


Paula Beaty