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The Deviants Review
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Title:  The Deviants

Author:  Treva Harte

Published by:  Loose Id, LLC

ISBN:  1-59632-055-9

Genre:  Sci-Fi Erotica


Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


            Tory Hynde has had an incredibly bad day and it just seems to get worse when she is kidnapped by two lunatic women who seem to think they live on another planet.  When Tory finds out that they aren’t lunatics and have truly whisked her away to a different world than what she is used to, she panics.  She has been dropped on a planet where men and women live in separate cities.  They do not date or marry, or even have sex.  The women are inseminated and even forced to give up their children at birth if they are boys.  But there is a place called No-Land where “deviants” go to live, where they can have all the male/female sex they could want or raise their sons if they just can’t part with them.  Tory isn’t prepared for this kind of life, men may make her crazy but she just can’t make herself be attracted to a woman.  And meeting the man of her dreams on another planet, a planet she doesn’t plan to stay on could be the biggest crushing blow she will receive.

            Captain Aric Herron lives in Androvia, the man village on Planet Tierra.  He loves being in the military but has always thought himself a little different from the other men because he doesn’t like men sexually and hasn’t settled down with a mate yet.  When he meets Tory he knows right away that there is something different about her from the other Femmelanders.  When she jumps him and introduces him to male/female sex he knows why he has never felt right, he’s a deviant.  But his planet doesn’t readily except that way of life, but hopefully with the help of Dagmar, Rhoanna, Faye and Edmond he can help change the way Tierra inhabitants think and live.  No one should be shunned for wanting someone of the opposite sex.  Can they change the planets way of life before being discovered as Deviants?

            FIVE hearts!  I was so in love with the whole book.  Three different tales of three different couples.  The thought that sex with a different gender than you being illegal was wonderful.  It seems to give you a different way of looking at homosexuals today.  Treva Harte is a wonderful writer who not only brings light and humor to her characters but hot, steamy sex that will keep you turning page after page.


Paula Beaty