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Ninth Wave Review
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The Ninth Wave

By Adrian J. Matthews

Published by Loose ID

ISBN: 1-59632-054-0

Genre: science fiction romance

TOP PICK for April


Rated: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Publisher Blurb (Review Below)



When Cassie O’Neill finds herself temporarily dead, her troubles have only just begun.

A powerful, god-like alien has appeared on her world and seems hell-bent on destroying the young colony. Cassie’s lover Craig Lowell races to the rescue.

Not even death can keep them apart. Their passion knows no bounds. Cassie and Craig meet in dreams where sex and imagination merge.

And, together with help from an unexpected source, they plot the downfall of a god...and Cassie's resurrection.



Simply fantastic. Adrian J. Matthews combines romance, science fiction and mythology to create The Ninth Wave. I highly recommend this novel and am pleased to say that it the TOP PICK for the month of April.


5 hearts.