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Arrested Review
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By Alyssa brooks

Published by Liquid Silver Books

ISBN: 1-59578-014-9

Genre: Romantic suspense


Rated:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Kirsten is on the run from a very dangerous ex-boyfriend. When she stops at the small Texas town of Paradise she thinks she far enough from her ex to be safe but she finds out she’s wrong when the towns Sheriff arrests he. When she proclaims her innocence her words fall on deaf ears.


Sheriff Reid Walker can’t believe the lies that fall so easily off Kirsten Montgomery’s lips. The little thief actually expects him to believe she’s innocent of theft and in danger from her drug dealing ex-boyfriend. As far as he is concerned he is the worst kind of woman, a thief and a liar. So why is he so attracted to her?


This romantic suspense novel from Liquid Silver author Alyssa Brooks is hot, hot, hot. It has everything a reader wants romance, suspense and scorching hot love scenes. Five hearts for Arrested.