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The Trigon Rituals

By Angelia Whiting

Published by New Concepts Publishing

Genre: Sci-fi Romance (sensual)

ISBN: 1-58608-322-8


Rated: ♥ 



Alea is an ordinary college student who is still a virgin. It’s not that she wants to be a virgin but she doesn’t think her fantasy of ever finding the right men will ever come true. That’s right! Alea dreams of someday getting married, having a house with a white picket fence and some kids but she doesn’t want one husband she wants two. And where on Earth is Alea going to find two sexy men to make her dream come true? It’s enough to make her remain a virgin forever.


But Alea has a very sexy surprise coming up in the form of to sexy tertian males. Tren of Dmor and Rjant of P’ler have waited a long time to be able to go to Earth and retrieve their Tina Alea(virgin Alea) meant to be their mate a wife and make Alea’s dream come true.


Angelia Whiting writes a superbly sensual science fiction romance novel. The adventures are exciting and the love scenes are hot. What more could a reader ask for? Nothing, and that’s why this reviewer is giving The Trigon Rituals FIVE Hearts.