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The Necklace Review


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The Necklace

By Karen Monroe

Published by Liquid Silver Books

ISBN: 1-59578-063-7

Genre: Paranormal romance


TOP PICK for January




Karen Monroe takes a new approach in focusing her novel on the lives of the Eritreans, a race of beings that live beneath the ocean and are usually referred to as mermaids or merfolk by humans, an exotic and powerful race of beings that rush to the aid of a captured delaphin. It’s this situation that forces King Tylan to leave the ocean and search among the humans for the missing delaphin. Shockingly he not only finds the delaphin but Marissa Redmond his true mate and an Eritrean who believes she’s human. Can Tylan have a relationship with Marissa when she doesn’t know the truth? And can he protect her from the coming threat of the werewolves and vampire?



Karen Monroe creates a fabulous new world where werewolves, vampires, and the Eritreans exist hidden from human eyes. The Necklace is a truly fabulous story that had me glued to the seat as I read this novel in one sitting. Adventure, exotic beings, suspense and romance, The Necklace has it all.


Five hearts.