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HT1 Wolf Tales: The Gift Review
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HOT TODDY #1: Wolf Tales Interlude: The Gift

Author:  Kate Douglas

Published by:  Changeling Press, LLC  

ISBN:  1-59596-082-1

Genre:  Paranormal Erotica




            Keisha has been traumatized by her rape and the events that followed.  She turned into a wolf that night and killed her attackers.  She has found her rightful place among others like herself, but still can’t bring herself to make love without being fearful.  While Anton and Xandi are out of town Stefan helps her to cope with what happened and fully join the pack.  When Stefan learns all of what happened to her that night he knows that they have found a strong, brave, wonderful woman in Keisha.

            This was yet another masterpiece from Kate Douglas.  I absolutely love her work.  She captures the essence of friendship and love and brings it to life in her writing.  An amazingly beautiful piece of art.  FOUR hearts.


Paula Beaty