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Blood and Soul 2: Vampire Crusader


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Title:  Blood and Soul 2: Vampire Crusader

Author:  Kate Hill

Published by:  Changeling Press LLC

ISBN:  1-59596-042-02

Genre:  Paranormal Erotica



            Marie Connor has fallen in love with an immortal, a vampire.  After dating for two years they’ve decided to marry, but Marie isn’t certain she wants to be a vampire.  Her love, Charles Free, tells her that he will love her no matter what she decides and if she decides to stay a human he will be by her side till the day she dies and then he will carry her in his heart for as long as he lives.  It seemed as if their love could conquer all.  But could it conquer the tragedy that an attack has left behind?

            Charles Free has dedicated his life as an immortal to protect the innocent humans from the attacks of vampires.  He loves Marie more than he ever thought it possible to love someone and has vowed to never stop loving her.  But when he stops a vampire from attacking an innocent woman, some vampire hunters injure him with liquid silver disfiguring his once handsome face and body.  Scarring him for at least a few centuries.  He can’t face Marie and have her stay with him out of pity.  In his arrogance he decides to pretend to be dead to her, but after three months he knows he must see her again.  The Halloween Masquerade is just the thing, but when she agrees to make love to him under the guise of a total stranger will his heart be able to hold back from telling her his true identity?

            Kate Hill weaves an erotic tale of love between a man and woman.  It shows that men will never truly understand the heart of a woman no matter how long they live.  Even a centuries old vampire cannot understand that you may be handsome, but true love is love of the heart not the flesh.  It was a wonderfully thrilling, sizzling ride with these two and I can’t wait to read more.  Four hearts.


Paula Beaty