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Beaver Canyon 1: A Sweet Deal


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Beaver Canyon: A Sweet Deal

By Sahara Kelly and S. L Carpenter

Published by Changeling Press

ISBN: 1-59596-040-6

Genre: Contemporary Romance Erotic





Beaver Canyon: A Sweet Deal is a mildly entertaining tale revolving around a casino and a poker tournament with some humor and a lot of sex thrown in.


After seeing the magnificent cover I was expecting a lot from this story but I was greatly disappointed. It could be because I am not a gambler and don’t consider it fun. I also don’t understand much about the games played by the gamblers or even the allure gambling has for some people. So perhaps this story would be better enjoyed by readers who enjoy gambling but for everyone else I suggest they think hard before deciding to read this story.


Still I have to comment the cover was fantastic. ( If I was rating the cover I would definitely give it 5 hearts.)


Two hearts for Beaver Canyon: A Sweet Deal