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Indigo Spell
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Title:  Indigo Spell

Author:  Rachel Carrington

Published by:   Triskelion Publishing

ISBN:  1-932866-08-6

Genre:  Paranormal Romance


            Tess Montgomery has worked hard all her life to prove that she isn’t a rich snob like her mother.  But no matter what she does her wealth seems to attract the wrong guys and repels the right ones.  When her best friend sets her up to bid on a man in a Bachelor Auction for charity, she meets a man with the most disturbing silver-gold eyes.  His air of mystery and the fact that he kisses her right there in front of what seems like every female in town and causes her to forget they are in a public place, intrigues her.  But will she be able to deal with all his secrets or will she be forced to live life without the man who makes her pulse race and her skin heat?

            Jaxon Richards knows that his time spent among the mortals is limited and that even entertaining the thought of falling in love with a mortal is forbidden, but that doesn’t stop his heart from yearning for the beautiful mortal who paid good money for him at the auction.  But will she ever be able to love not only the man he is, but the wizard he is as well?  Will their love shatter the Assembly of Wizards and rock the very steady way of life they have set forth for themselves?

            Who hasn’t ever dreamed of having magic powers, of being able to do whatever you want and create whatever you wish?  Or to fly?  This book brings every person’s fantasy to life.  The idea that wizards can live among us and help us without our knowledge and that to become a wizard with all these wondrous powers you merely need to marry and become pregnant by a wizard.  I loved it!  FOUR stars all the way.


Paula Beaty

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