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Title:  For the Love of…

Author:  Kally Jo Surbeck

Published by:  Loose Id LLC  

ISBN:  1-59632-020-6

Genre:  Contemporary Romance


            Mackenzie Harmon wants out.  She’s got one more assignment on her contract as an assassin and then it’s off to Bora Bora to open a dive shop and live in peace.  But her bosses have other plans.  They’ve hired another assassin to take her out of the picture as soon as her assignment is complete.  When she accidentally falls into the hands of her hired killer will she be able keep a cool head when his hands are burning her from the outside in?

            Gabriel Zumbrenen hates the life he’s fallen into.  He vows that he’ll find a way to break free and live in peace, after this job.  But when he meets his target face to face, he finds he’s intrigued, not only by her beauty, but by her cool head and intelligence.  Maybe she could be his way out of this life he’s come to hate.  She has a plan to get out as well, but can he trust her?  Will she trust him?  If they can get out alive will there be anyway they can still have a life together or is it impossible for two assassins to find peace in each others arms?

              FIVE stars!!!  I loved these characters.  They lodged themselves in your heart and refuse to budge.  Mackenzie is so much more than any run of the mill heroine you’ve read before.  She will blow you away with her intelligence and wit, but you will also find yourself falling in love with her sensitive side.  Gabriel was the perfect match for this heroine.  It makes you understand that assassins are people too.


Top Pick For September.


Paula Beaty