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HT 7 Blood and Soul: Nutcracker Review

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Publisher's Description
Only one woman has ever captured the heart of the ancient vampire Onan. Two hundred years ago Elizabeth betrayed his trust. Onan has vowed never to forgive. But forever’s a long time when you’re facing eternity alone.

Elizabeth deeply regrets the foolish indiscretion of her youth. She’s spent the last two hundred years trying to apologize. But there’s nothing more powerful -- or more stubborn -- than an ancient vampire who’s been wronged.

Each Christmas Elizabeth sends Onan a letter and a gift with the hope that he will welcome her back, yet each year her apology is ignored. This Christmas, however, Onan might just surprise her. Even an ancient must learn from his mistakes

Hot Toddy # 7

Blood and Soul: Nutcracker

By Kate Hill

Published by Changeling Press

ISBN: 1-59596-088-0

Genre Short Paranormal Erotic





Kate Hill creates a darkly erotic tale in Blood and Soul: Nutcracker as we learn that even vampires can forgive and that it’s never too late to recapture a lost love. Hot! Hot! Hot! Read with caution.


5 Hearts