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Blood and Soul : Vampire Master


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Title:  Blood and Soul 1: Vampire Master

Author:  Kate Hill

Published by:  Changeling Press LLC

ISBN:  1-59596-039-2

Genre:  Paranormal Erotica


Rating:  ♥ 



            Melinda Andre, known to her friends as Mel, has decided that she’s tired of playing games.  Guys are clueless when it comes to a woman’s pleasure and she knows exactly who to go to so she can fulfill her wildest fantasies.  But does she really want a one-night stand with an Intimate?  Can the Master Zigor make her come with the power of thunder and then just leave her the next day?  Will she be able to leave him once her heart becomes entangled in his web of sensual play?

            Zigor has lived his life for centuries knowing that vampires do not mate for life.  But if that’s true why does it feel like his newest plaything has captured his soul?  He will pull all her fears and secrets from her, but he must keep his to himself, because falling for the lovely Melinda will make the rest of his life miserable when he realizes that he cannot have her for all eternity.

            A powerfully, erotic jolt of adrenaline.  Kate Hill amazes you with her words and her characters sink their teeth in you, literally.  I wanted to reach into the book and slap Zigor for not realizing that eternity is an awful long time to be lonely, especially when there is no reason for him to be alone.  The age-old expression works not only for humans, but for the immortal as well…MEN!  A great read and a titillating tale. Four hearts. 




Paula Beaty